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Having a problem with something in the Branding Portal? Please do not hesitate to view our Frequently Asked Questions section for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to download items?
No. You can use a standard checkout style process to add items to your cart and 'check out' to get access to them.

Portal guidelines

Get Started Quickly

There are two ways to download information from the portal:

Option 1: Use Shopping Cart (No Account Required)

Select a category from the left menu and then add the documents, images, charts and other information to your shopping cart and follow the standard checkout process. Creating an account is not necessary. If you do create an account you can directly download and avoid the "checkout" process in the future.

Option 2 : Create an Account

If you create an account you can download directly from the item listing without having to "check out" each time. Simply create an account (it takes about 1 minute) and then log in using the form on the left menu.

All customer use of the PORON® brand name and product information in sales tools, product designs, PR and other promotional materials MUST be pre-approved by the Rogers Marketing Team prior to usage.
A complete copy of the PORON® Branding Guidelines can be downloaded from the PORON® Branding Portal located above the logout link, on the checkout page, or on the homepage for this portal. Promotional materials needing approval can be e-mailed to